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Download My Orbit Program Files Page

Inner-Planets' Orbits

Orbital Progression

Comet's Orbit

Earth-Moon Orbit

Orbit's On-end View

Combined Non-Linear, Non-Periodic Orbits

Warp Out of Orbit Useless Algorithms

Except for "Useless Algorithms", these programs are all non-linear, non-periodic dynamic systems.   This describes the orbits of natural occuring bodies in the heavens.  An orbiting body never travels the same orbit twice.  There are an infinite number of legitimate orbits for an orbiting body.  This is why orbits are so stable.   For example, a moon that is struck by an asteroid moves from its present orbit to another legitimate orbit and does not fly off.  If an orbiting body always traveled the same orbit, it would not be stable.  It would tend to fly off its orbit.  These programs attempt to show the fact that orbiting bodies move in predictable orbits, which are non-linear and non-periodic. 

A Linear, Periodic Orbit would always repeat itself.  For an example of this Linear, Periodic Orbital Dynamic, download "Unstable" by choosing this Pulsar: .  An impossible orbit is shown in the file called "Periodic", which you may download by choosing this Pulsar: .

Caution: Do not open these files directly. You will experience various error messages and extraneous and unexpected data on your screen. Just download them to a directory and double-click the executable file. They will execute under Windows.

Thank you.