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Packaging Christianity for the Community

Sweetwater Recorder

By Ronald G. Currell

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church,

No one likes to think of Christianity as being a commodity.

But we all package it as though it were one.

To all outward appearances, Christianity is what the Churches have to offer. But it’s not. Christianity is a spiritual Kingdom, where Jesus is on the top. Jesus is the King Who loves, forgives, and saves His people. Churches are places where His people gather together and thank Him for dying on the Cross and rising from the dead for them. Jesus gave Himself for His people and His people owe Him everything, because of it.

That’s not easily packaged and marketed.

So, we have programs. Programs are designed to bring people into the Church and to give them something to do while they’re there, so they’ll come back again and again. Programs become part of the Christian experience of a Church, but they’re not what Christianity is. Programs put people in a place where they can reach out to God and where God can touch them. When that happens, something marvelous has occurred. This is the essence of the Christian experience. It is the personal experience of God during the public worship of God. When this has occurred, it spreads to your whole life throughout the week.

Just as the people of Sweetwater need different Christian experiences, the various Christian Churches offer different expressions of the same faith. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church offers a quiet, respectful hour dedicated to God every Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM, preceded by a thought-provoking Bible Discussion Class, where we discuss the passages from the Lectionary Readings of the day. Drop by some time.

Please make plans to attend your Church-of-choice this coming Sunday.