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How Does He Do That?

Sweetwater Recorder

By Ronald G. Currell

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church,

The old man had watched Jesus from a safe distance for a long time.

Now, the same old question bothered him today, "How does He do that?"

The Old Man had seen Jesus off and on since the beginning. Well, just three times in all. The first was at a wedding in his master’s house in Cana, when this Jesus turned the water into wine. He was one of the hired hands, so he knew those pots were filled with water before Jesus blessed them. Then he served the guests wine from them himself. "How did he do that?" Several people offered long explanations. But the Old Man knew better. Experience believes the experience itself, not the explanations about it.

A short time later, Jesus returned to Cana from Judea, just south of Samaria. A Royal Official heard he was back in town, so he asked Jesus to come down to Capernaum with him to heal his son. But Jesus simply said, "Your son lives." So, when the Old Man heard that the son was healed that very hour, he said, "How did He do that?"

The third and final time the Old Man saw Jesus was the greatest of all. He had been heading along the ridge that leads from Cana most the way to Damascus to carry out business in the name of his master, when he came upon Jesus near Mount Hermon. Jesus took three of His disciples and climbed the mountain. So, the Old Man followed at a distance to a summit. And there he watched as this Jesus was changed into something more than just a mortal man. So now, as he thinks back on it, the Old Man asks himself, "How does He do it? How does He hide that glory, to appear as a mere man?"

Just as the people of Sweetwater need different Christian experiences, the various Christian Churches offer different expressions of the same faith. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church offers a quiet, respectful hour dedicated to God every Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM, preceded by a thought-provoking Bible Discussion Class, where we discuss the passages from the Lectionary Readings of the day. Drop by some time.

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