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What Sayeth the Scriptures?

Sweetwater Recorder

By Ronald G. Currell

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Jesus said, "You search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: but they are that which testifies of me."

As a child, I remember memorizing Bible verses, so that when needs arose I would have ready resources. We memorized the books of the Bible, so we could find what we needed to find quickly. We even recited them backwards. Why backwards? I don’t know. But I’ve long since forgotten the sequence of books. I have a search engine, now.

There are times when we need to know the message of the bible. Not the details. Just the basic message. We may have a need when there is no Bible at hand. I present the Bible now, as the outline of a very short story. Not for replacement, of course. Not for study, naturally. But just for a brief pick-me-up in the middle of the day.




The nine-line Bible outline.




In the beginning was God.

God created us.

We sinned and became God's problem;

How was God going to solve this problem?

  • God made a Covenant with us and we broke it.
  • God sent His prophets to us and we killed them.
  • God sent His only Son and we crucified Him;
  • And in the blackest hour, God raised Him from the dead.

And the Church verifies that accepting Jesus secures our salvation.

Just as the people of Sweetwater need different Christian experiences, the various Christian Churches offer different expressions of the same faith. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church offers a quiet, respectful hour dedicated to God every Sunday Morning at 11:00 AM, preceded by a thought-provoking Bible Class at 9:45, where we discuss intriguing passages from the Scriptures. Drop by some time. See us on the Internet and experience our online chapel at

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