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Reverend and Dear Mr. / Ms.

We are initiating a search for a vicar for All Saints of Colorado City and St. Stephen’s of Sweetwater, Texas, who will join our church families and will lead us in worship as our priest. We two churches have been associates in the Faith off and on now for roughly the past forty years, and we have been without a priest for about two years. Though we are small congregations, we view ourselves as alive and vibrant, with great potential for growth. We are actively seeking an Episcopal vicar who is energetic, is able and willing to minister to separate congregations in a manner meaningful to each, and can help us to administer a small school for young children.

The Cure we have to offer will be one of varied duties and responsibilities. It will have its challenges, as well as its rewards. Traditionally, the vicar of these two missions has resided in Sweetwater, especially now for convenient access to the school. With such varied and diverse needs, the task will surely be interesting.

Please find links to a statement prepared by the Search Committee of each Church on the Search Committee Home Page, from which you have come. These will introduce our churches and our communities to you.

If our Cure interests you, please send us your résumé. You may send it in an attachment to an E-Mail to either the Web Master or to the Search Committee Chair, below.

Thank you,

Colorado City / Sweetwater Search Committee


Monica Smola

Search Committee Chair

126 Inkman Springs Rd.

Sweetwater, TX 79556